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Parish Council Report June 2016

Baldons Parish Council News


AGM and Election of officers

The following Parish Councillors were re-elected

Chairman: Dorothy Tonge             tel 343234  d.tonge@yahoo.co.uk

Vice Chairman: Charles Barclay   tel 343853  cb@barclayfarms.co.uk

Treasurer: John Maskell                tel 343203 john.maskell@btopenworld.com

At the meeting councillors also approved a new Governance Statement and Risk Assessment required as part of the annual audit of our finances.


Planning applications

Penstemon House. The council has supported the application for an Orangery and SODC decision is awaited.   Planning ref P16/S1012/HH

Also at Penstemon House a revised planning application for stables has been submitted to SODC following comments made on the size and location in the original planning application. Councillors are considering their response.  Planning ref P16/S0910/Ful

Justyn, The Croft.  An application for landscaping to the front of the property to accommodate parking.   Planning ref P16/S0652/HH

All applications can be seen on SODC website using links to planning and using reference numbers.

Scoping Request Land South of Grenoble Road.  Agents for the university and Oxford City Council have submitted a scoping request to SODC which identifies those issues which would need to be addressed should a subsequent planning application be made for development on this land.  It is not for consultation at this stage and as the land is in the Green Belt development has been consistently opposed by SODC, but it is evidence of continuing pressure to expand housing beyond the city boundary into the Green Belt. The document can be seen on SODC planning web pages reference P16/S1196/SCO.


Parking and damage on the Green

Damage to the edges of the Green from cars is a recurring concern for the village and commented on by many of you in response to questions in the Neighbourhood plan.

The council has long accepted the need for a drop off area outside the school and there is a need for cars to overflow onto the Green when the pub car park is full.  Whilst we cannot create a car park on the Green there is a need to improve the condition of the track on the south side and to protect the edge of the Green from continuing erosion. The council will be looking at options in more detail during the next few weeks and hope to have plans for discussion and implementation during the summer. More in the July newsletter.


Dog Bins

Following a request made at the annual parishes meeting for an additional dog bin councillors agreed to monitor the situation. Dog bins appear to have been successful on the village green and only one bag of dog poo was found thrown away on the litter pick day. If there is still  a particular problem area  let us know.


Tinny Lane

There continue to be problems with cars attempting to drive down Tinny Lane bridleway by following sat nav directions and getting stuck. We have asked the Highways dept. to provide addition signage at either end of the lane to hopefully deter motorists. In these rural locations we don’t want to have a proliferation of signs but they may be a necessary deterrent in this case.


Unitary Status

Our District and County Councillors both mentioned the separate reviews that are  being commissioned on the options for the future organisation of the County and District council services.  It is disappointing that there hasn’t been agreement  between the authorities to a  unified study, but the reviews will consider proposals for four, three and two unitary authorities as well as one single authority.  Whilst the final decision on reorganised local government will be taken by government and, we believe, with little local consultation, the Parish Council has agreed to write emphasising the need for clarity on the criteria to be used in the reviews.


Date of next meeting Monday 11th July    7.30 pm Village Hall