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Nuneham Courtenay Parish Council News

Parish Council Meeting 

  • The Parish Council meeting was held at 2pm on Monday 18th January 2016 at the Village Hall. 

New Clerk 

  • We welcomed our new Clerk, Karen Dodd, to our first Parish Council meeting of 2016. 

District Councillor’s Report 

  • Cllr Sue Lawrence attended our meeting and delivered her report, including in summary the following matters: 

A) Development 

  • Didcot has been awarded Garden City status and a second Enterprise Zone area.  This will release funds to provide supporting infrastructure in the surrounding area.  It was commented that two key points for Nuneham Courtenay would be the suggestion of a second river crossing at Clifton Hampden. Many residents use the facilities at Clifton Hampden. 

  • A discussion took place about  the impact of this on Nuneham Courtenay.  Cllr Lawson said she would look into this. 

  • In response to a suggested park and ride on the outskirts of the village it was commented that this would generate more traffic, and was an area for concern. Cllr Lawson noted this. 

  • In response to a comment about the need for new housing Cllr Love  confirmed that following John Cotton’s visit to the PC where he discussed a 10% increase per village/town, thereby sharing the load across the county,  Nuneham Courtenay had almost met its quota of 9 houses at Brewer’s Garage development.  

B) Neighbourhood Plans 

  • Cllr Lawson reported that many parishes were looking to set up Neighbourhood Plans and that help was available from officers at South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC).   

C) Constitution 

  • It was reported by Cllr Lawson that the SODC were working closely with Vale of White Horse District Council (VWHDC) on a review of the constitution.  

D) Waste 

  • It was reported that SODC and VWHDC were both doing well in recycling rubbish with SODC achieving 67.3% and VWHDC 65.6%. 

  • In response to a question it was explained that information about the collection of bulky waste was available on the SODC website.  It was added that up to three items could be collected at a time but that they all had to be collected from one address.  It was commented that multiple pick-ups would be more useful. 

E) Flooding 

  • In response to questions about flooding in the village Cllr Lawson advised that the government had made money available for flood prevention measures.  It was commented that a following the floods in 2006/7 a report had been written on how to prevent it happening again and the Clerk was asked to try to obtain a copy from SODC. Since the meeting the Parish Council has obtained a copy of this report. 

F) Pavements 

  • Cllr Love reported that the pavements in the village were in a dangerous condition due to damage from tree roots and that the advice from officers at Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) was to remove the trees and replace them with smaller varieties.  The Council was reluctant to do this as the village is a conservation area and the trees form part of the village’s character. It was added that some clarity was required on the situation.  


G) Cyclists 

  • It was reported that groups of cyclists frequently used the footpaths across private land and through the woods, there was a lack of clarity about the bylaws and laws pertaining to this, and Cllr Lawson was asked to find out if anything could be done to prevent this.  


Cllr Love thanked Cllr Lawson for attending the meeting. 


Financial Matters 

Our RFO presented a financial report; 

  • Barclays Mandate changed to allow RFO access. 

  • After much discussion a decision was agreed upon that the precept requirement on the Rating Authority, SODC, of £5,530.00 be approved. 

  • Audit training for the RFO has been sought. 

  • After extensive research it was decided that the current broadband provider was cheaper than any other provider so the contract was renewed. 


Estate Items 

  • It was reported that more complaints about dog waste on the Nuneham Courtenay Park Estate had been verbally received.  

  • New signs advising that the estate is private and dogs must be on a lead, are completed and will be erected very soon. 


Our next meeting is to be held Monday 21st March 2016 2pm at the village hall. This will also be the Annual Parish Meeting and will include a high-tea, as we did last year. All welcome! 


For any further information, all our minutes are available on our website: http://www.ncpc.uk/minutes.html  


I look forward to updating you with more news in the next article. 


Cllr Love (Chair) 


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