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Baldons Parish Council News Oct 15

Baldons Parish Council News


It was refreshing to have more villagers than usual at our council meeting on 8th September. It is encouraging that some of you take an interest in the issues we are considering and it allows us to get some feedback before we take decisions that affect the village. Please come more often.


Speeding through the village

We have been asked to look again at the problem of cars and other vehicles speeding through the village in ways that are potentially unsafe for pedestrians given the narrowness of roads and lack of pavement. This has been an ongoing problem particularly in The Croft which we have raised with Highways department many times in the past few years.

We have a 30 mph speed limit through the village but on some stretches of the road this is far too fast. However it is unlikely that the highways dept. would support a reduction in this limit on current evidence. Our County Councillor Lorraine Lindsey Gale has agreed to request that OCC undertake a speed survey so we await information about that.   What we do ask is that villagers who are the greatest users of our roads take more care and go slower particularly through the narrow stretches and the bends.  It will only take one accident to a child or elderly person!!


Subsidised bus services

As we outlined last month there is a danger that the Baldons will lose the current limited bus service as a result of the OCC plans for savings. Parish Councillors have supported a proposal prepared for us by Ralph Slaney to argue for a more frequent and daily service by an adjustment of the route of the T2 service and have responded to OCC with a detailed proposal. Much will depend on whether Thames Travel will be able to support it and agree to its feasibility in service and financial terms and whether it will be supported by the County Council should it need a subsidy. An initial approach has been made to Thames Travel to begin discussions with them on this option.  However if we are to be successful it will be important to be able to demonstrate to the OCC and Thames Travel that the service will be well used.   


Parking and driving near the pub

The parish council has some concern at the volume of cars driving and parking on the green outside the pub and are considering  whether we can find a way to manage the situation a little better and minimise the damage and erosion to the edges of the green without causing problems for our community owned and highly popular pub.  We are hoping that in discussion with BNCS Committee we can find a way to improve the situation over the next few months.  If you have views about the situation and what we might do, let us know what you think.

Linked with this is the current state of the unadopted track on the south side of the green which has deteriorated in recent months. The unadopted tracks round the green in Marsh Baldon are not maintained by the Highways department or the Parish Council but are the responsibility of land owners and householders to organise, fund and deal with repairs.


Neighbourhood plan

Councillors have now agreed to recommend to the village that we undertake a neighbourhood plan which has to have the support of the village before we can ask SODC for their support.   A  consultation document will shortly be sent to every household explaining  what it is about and why we feel it is important and asking for you  to respond indicating your support or otherwise.  Lead parish councillors are Elizabeth Gillespie, Stephen Dance and Laurence Attewill.


Planning applications

The Parish Council received notification of two agricultural permitted development plans for information.

The Barn Hillfield Farm   Conversion of barn to domestic dwelling. Planning ref P15/S2480/PAR

Land off Baldon Lane. Application for an access road to farm land. P15/S2464/SG


Three new planning applications have also been received for consultation and comment.

The Seven Stars P15/S2200/Full Application for 3 replacement windows. Supported by the Parish Council SODC decision awaited 

Oxford Lodge Harcourt Arboretum P15/S2717/LB listed building consent for installation of computer network cabling. 

Court House Toot Baldon P15/S 2916 Application for conversion of a barn to create a residential annexe to Court House 


District Council Election 8th Oct

The parish council have received  notification from SODC  that they are holding a by election for a District Councillor for the Baldons, Nuneham Courtenay and Sandford ward  on the 8th October consequent on the recent resignation of our previous district councillor.


Date of next meeting 

Tuesday 10th November   7.30 pm Village Hall