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Nuneham Courtenay Parish Council News

Parish Council Meeting.

  • At the time that this article was going to print we have not had a Parish Council meeting as this was due to take place on Wednesday 16th September.


  • Since the last article, three councillors have attended training to update them with their roles and responsibilities. Those who attended found it extremely useful.
  • The Chair attended a training for Chairs of Parish Councils, and this too was well received.

Neighbourhood Plan Conference

  • Two of our Councillors attended the Neighbourhood Plan Conference called by John Cotton and we now have all the information we need. We await the launch of the Neighbourhood Plan Toolkit for Parish Councils.
  • All of this will be fed-back at the next Parish Council meeting.

Parish Council Clerk

  • Our Clerk Julia Evans, who has been with us for nearly a year now is planning to pursue her own studies at University. She will stay with us until November. We have already advertised for a new Clerk and have responses. Our present Clerk has been a great asset to the Parish Council, and has helped us to get back on-track.


  • Since the last article we have been building a new website and will be happy to receive feedback. We are adding new content, as guided by local government directives, and uploading photos etc as we go. This should be ready to view by October 1st 2015 at www.ncpc.uk


I look forward to updating you with more extensive news in the next article.

Cllr Love (Chair)

For items and photos to be sent, please contact the Clerk:

Julia Evans | 01235 833 466 | nunehamcourtenay.clerk@gmail.com