title="Baldons Parish Council in Oxfordshire">

Village Hall

Booking arrangements 

To book the hall, please contact Ali or Darren
on: 01865 340264 or dbaber@rm.com


The Baldons Village Hall is for everyone's use. Did you know that as well as hiring the hall you can also hire out some of the other equipment that we own, including some of the items that have been bought for our toddlers and youth groups?

For example we have:

- Crockery, cutlery, glasses

- Tea urns

- Tables and chairs including child-sized ones

- Projector

These items can be booked via Ali or Darren on: 01865 340264 or 


If you have any issues to raise regarding the village hall, please let a committee member know or contact James Bufford (340091), John Barne (343624) or Natasha Eliot (343478).

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