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From the Vicar February 2024

From Rev Teresa 

During February we enjoy the annual celebration of love which is Valentine’s Day.

Of course, love and a loving relationship takes many different forms. In our society we see a wonderful diversity of expressions of love which reflect the joyful differences between us and how we interact and live with one another. Whether you are gay, straight, married, in a civil partnership, living with someone you love, single or anywhere in between any of these labels, you can enjoy the celebration of love that is Valentine’s Day.

We don’t know much about St Valentine who lived in the 3rd Century in Rome, but one legend maintains that Saint Valentine performed weddings for Christian soldiers who were forbidden to marry by the Roman emperor; and another legend claims that as he prepared for his execution, he wrote his jailer's daughter a letter signed "Your Valentine". The day of St Valentine’s death on 14th February afterwards became associated with romantic love and was evermore connected with the lovebirds and flowers of early spring.

Christians believe that love and relationships are a gift from God, who is the source of all love. God created human beings as an expression of His love and loved us so much that he sent His Son Jesus to die for us. Of course, we know that Jesus also told his followers to “love one another, as I have loved you”. None of us is perfect, but as Christians, loving others is the goal by which we strive to live.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes in our society today and if St Valentine was still alive, I’m sure he would be delighted at the outpouring of love on his feast day! We experience loving relationships in lots of ways, including through deep and lasting friendships, through their close and extended families, as well as through the romantic love that comes from being with a partner.


So, whoever you are squeezing this Valentine’s Day may you be blessed not only in one another but in the love that God has for you!


Rev Teresa x