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Baldons Parish Council News Dec 22

Baldons Parish Council News


Election of Toot Baldon Councillor  

Dawn McGiveron of Owls Barn, Toot Baldon has been co-opted to replace John Maskell on the Parish Council. Dawn’s email when set up is expected to be Dawn.McGiveron@baldonspc.org


Southern Track

Now that the southern track has been completed some concern is being expressed to the council that it is starting to be used as a circular route round the green.  It is important that we all understand that this should not become the case. The southern track from the Seven Stars to Blenheim Corner is an access track only to properties. From Parsonage farm the short stretch of track to the junction with the southern track is an unadopted part of the bridleway which goes down to the fields. The bridleway’s use by vehicles over the short stretch is restricted to provide access to fields for the farmers and for car owners to access their properties.  Whilst the council cannot stop cars driving round the green for convenience, we hope that with better understanding drivers will respect the rules.


Driving and Walking Safely in Baldon Lane

Concern has been expressed by a resident that walking on Baldon Lane when cars are travelling too fast, or light conditions not very good, that pedestrians can feel unsafe when there is no footpath or verge to step on.  This was discussed at our meeting with our County Councillor, and it has been agreed that we will seek a meeting with the highways team to see what can be done.  We understand our application for a 20-mph speed limit is in the County Council priority list for attention in 2023 and a discussion with the highways team will help us to plan ahead to consider what traffic calming measures may be possible.

In the meantime, we would urge pedestrians to be sensible and remember to wear something bright and reflective in these dark winter days.


Solar Farm Nuneham Courtenay

The promotors of the solar farm on land west of the A4074 are currently pursuing a scoping study with SODC and have held a public information / briefing day.   We can anticipate a full planning application will be submitted in due course.  It’s clear the outline proposals will extend the visual impact and problems on the landscape and in the Green Belt as identified in the development of the Nineveh Farm application which, despite strong objections, has been approved by SODC. Baldons Councillors have  strongly argued to our District Councillor that SODC  should be developing a clear strategy to manage the proliferation of applications to protect the Green Belt and farmland and CPRE are also being very active on this front.


Coronation Celebrations

A preliminary discussion was held on how the village might celebrate the King’s Coronation in May 2023.

Initially the council has agreed in principle to provide a tree for the village green to replace the one that came down recently. It would be useful to have feedback/ideas of how villagers would like to celebrate and/or help organize something as we will return to discuss this at the January meeting.


Jubilee trees

In addition to the tree approved for the village green there is now agreement with the PCC that a Yew tree will be planted in the churchyard at St Lawrence’s Toot Baldon. Both trees will be obtained and planted during the winter months.


Grant for repairing hedges

Following the approach from a villager there is a possibility of securing a grant to help to replace some lost hedging on Parsonage farmland. This has the support of the council, the farmer and the land agents.  The council is very grateful for the offer to help and hope it is successful.


Planning Applications

Hornbeam Cottage, Marsh Baldon.  P22/S3843/HH.  An application for the creation of an off-road parking space and minor property alterations. The council has indicated its support to SODC.


Manor House, Toot Baldon. P22/S355/HH & P22/S3558/LB.  An application for internal improvements and external developments including a garden room, garage, studio and porch at this important listed house in Toot Baldon. The council has indicated its concerns and objections at the external proposals to SODC.


 Date of next meeting

January 9th, 2023, Village Hall 7.30 pm