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   Stuart Mabutt's Gardening Column    22 November, 2021

Are People Still Interested In Gardens?


I was asked only last week, “Are people still interested in doing anything with their gardens, apart from putting down decking, that often becomes a slippery death trap when damp, or putting down hard standing for off-road parking?”


In my experience, few people don’t appreciate the great outdoors, but the numbers are growing that could be considered in various ways, to be disconnected from it. Giving rise at times I notice, to a lack of imagination with what to grow, or even fears that gardening is hard.


I’ve seen inexperienced gardeners take on new gardens, with huge amounts of vigour, and experiencing success and disappointment in equal measure. Whilst experienced gardeners would be happy with the ratio of 50% success and 50% perceived failure. When starting out though, even the slightest amount of disappointment, or perceived failure, can make gardening newbies give up, and down tools.


It’s always worth pushing through and persisting during this initial apprenticeship. Go on, have a second go, a third, or even, dare I say it, a fourth go. As many goes as needed is my approach, and instead of seeing barriers, start to see opportunity, everywhere.  If you are starting out in gardening though, and speak to an experienced gardener for advice, it’ll soon be obvious, they are worth their weight in Marigolds.


Happy Gardening!        Stuart Mabbutt

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