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   The Pub is soon to open...    27 March, 2021

The Pub is soon to open...


We are delighted to announce that Matt formally handed over The Seven Stars to Mark on Tuesday this week and work has already started internally and externally to prepare for opening in April... more on that in a moment.

But, it would be remiss not to wish Matt and Marcia every good fortune in their future endeavours. Matt worked hard over the 8 years that he was with us to build a successful and thriving village pub and we were able to recognise that last Sunday with a thank you gift and a very short (socially distanced of course) presentation.

Thank you Matt...good luck to you both.




So what next...?

Mark took over the pub on Tuesday morning and with his new General Manager, Kevin and the rest of their team, were straight into the hard work of preparing for a new beginning on April 16th.

Mark is planning a number of enhancements to the pub over time but is starting with a spruce up of both the inside and the outside.

Some of you may have noticed that the old sign has been removed to make way for a new redesigned sign. Fear not though, the old sign will not be lost! Instead, Mark is planning to repair its somewhat dilapidated state and showcase it inside the pub so that we don't lose a link with history.

I for one can't wait to see the changes first hand... well, to be honest, I just can't wait to be able to go and have a pint!!

And on that subject I have attached below an invite from Mark and Kevin to join them at the pub on Friday 12th April to say hello... see you there!!

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