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   Lockdown II    1 November, 2020

Lockdown II

Here we go again. We have had a few months of relative freedom, but are now on the brink of a new lockdown.  We all set up systems during the first lock down and have adapted our lives to the reality of COVID. 

That doesn't mean during this next lockdown we won't need help sometimes, whether it's with shopping, getting medicines,  just a chat, or anything really.  Please, please don't suffer in silence.  There are many volunteers in the Baldons who are more than willing to help, or to find someone who can. 

It could be serious or what you think is trivial.  Either way, use the contact details below to get in touch.

Stay safe
Be kind

Baldons & Nuneham Community Action Group

Contacting us
If you need help with shopping, getting medicines or just a chat please email baldonsinfo@gmail.com

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