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   Christmas Toy Bank    31 October, 2020

I'm asking for your help with a little project the Berinsfield Church is running as we approach the Christmas season. There are concerns that some families on Berinsfield are beginning to struggle because of job losses and cuts to people’s working hours. We want to support these families particularly in the run up to Christmas when there is more financial strain on parents trying to afford presents for their children.
I have spoken to the Berin Centre who work closely with these vulnerable families and we have come up with the idea of a ‘Toy Bank’ in the churches in the month of November. This would work very much like a food bank, but instead of leaving food stuffs in a basket in the church we would ask folk to leave brand new, kite marked toys/gifts for children of all ages including teenagers. The Berin Centre will identify the families to benefit from this scheme and will invite parents to come to the Berin centre to take away the gifts most appropriate for their children.
Could I ask you to spread the word and to encourage your neighbours and friends to take part. There will be a box left in St Peter’s Marsh Baldon and in the porch of St Leonard and St Catherine, Drayton St Leonard from Sunday 1st November and I will empty it weekly.
Thanks for your help,
Teresa x
Rev Teresa Stewart-Sykes
Team Vicar
The Parishes of Berinsfield, Marsh Baldon, Toot Baldon, Nuneham Courtenay and Drayton St Leonard

Email: RevTeresa@outlook.com
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