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   Covid 19 - Parish Council Update    1 April, 2020

Update from the Parish Council

1. New arrangements during Covid-19 pandemic

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed on all of us, the Parish Council
will be unable to function as normal, but will continue to fulfill its statutory duties.
An extraordinary meeting was held on Monday and the following resolution passed
“Under the Local Government Act 1972 S101, the council empowers the clerk to do anything
expedient and necessary to ensure the continuous business of the council, and to deal with
mandatory undertakings in order to prevent the authority from incurring liability during the period
from 23rd March to 1st June 2020”  

The Parish Clerk and Chairman will continue to deal with day to day business
The Annual Parishes meeting on 20 April and the Parish Council AGM on 11 May have been
cancelled/deferred and although these are both a legal requirement we will review arrangements
for them and further meetings in early July and act according to government advice.
Parish Councilors will work remotely by email and telephone. All planning applications received
with be dealt with and commented in this manner.

Any villager wishing to raise an issue with us can do so by contacting the clerk Tom James via
email clerk@baldonspc.org or Dorothy Tonge, Chairman, at chairman@baldonspc.org or on

2. Annual Village Clear-up day

The annual clear-up date was cancelled but villagers are asked to take a bin bag, with them, when
going out for a walk to pick-up and litter.

3. Footpaths

Walking along the many footpaths that transverse the fields around the villages is a good way of
taking exercise, while keeping safe-distances from one another. If any paths are blocked, in any
way, or need maintenance to bridges or signposts, please inform the clerk.
Finally, a huge vote of thanks to the BNCAG for their excellent work, supporting all those in the

Dorothy Tonge

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