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   Appointment of trustees to the Baldons Fuel Charity    15 March, 2020

The Baldons Fuel Charity (BFC)

Appointment of Trustees


It was agreed between the Trustees of BFC and the Baldons Parish Council that:

Responsibility for the recruitment of new trustees rests with the existing trustees. 

In recruiting new trustees, the existing trustees must act in the best interests of the charity and should comply with relevant Charity Commission Guidance. The trustees should agree an appropriate process for the appointment(s) (It being acknowledged that recruitment may be through personal recommendation, compliant with Charity Commission guidance.) and satisfy themselves that new appointees have the required skills, experience and knowledge.

Following the agreement of the Trustees to the appointment of (a) new trustee(s), BFC will provide the Clerk to the Parish Council with the names and brief credentials of the new appointments, together with such additional information that might reasonably be required to satisfy the Clerk that a proper process has been followed. The Parish Council at its next meeting, will then be asked to confirm the new appointment(s).

The Parish Councils confirmation is required and given only in respect of the process followed by BFC and does not extend to the identity of the nominees.

All new trustee appointments are for a period of three years and may be renewed subject to the above process.


January 2020

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