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   Proposed Oxford to Cambridge Expressway    21 October, 2017

The aim is to be ready for a campaign to try and influence the choice of route before it becomes set in stone.  The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) is due, we understand, to make a recommendation of a preferred route in its report to government in November.  A number of options are being considered and researched by the NIC and Highways England, including a southern or northern option. The road is an important infrastructure development which has government policy and support behind it, and there will be significant release of land for housing to help finance it .  Large numbers of houses are being suggested.

There is concern that there will be no public consultation other than through local councils until the route has been finally determined .  If the southern route is recommended the damage that will be done to villages on the south side of the city and to the Green Belt is potentially very considerable.

It is believed that Sandford-on-Thames, the Baldons, Garsington, Horspath and Cuddesdon are the villages most likely to be affected by any route that comes off the A34 south of the city.

Whilst OCC publicly remains neutral about the choice of route they may favour the southern option to take pressure off the A34 (see articles in the Oxford press and other media).

The group aims to provide evidence to counter any southern route proposals and  to demonstrate the better option of a northern route up the A34 towards Bicester and beyond.

When a full campaign is required we will be hoping for villagers to support our concerns in letter writing, fundraising and publicity .The council has already written to the NIC, the County Council, SODC and our MP John Howell and we can provide information for anyone willing to write letters and to be involved.

There will of course be a full public enquiry when the government’s plans are finally published in 2018 or 2019.

We will keep you up to date via the newsletter, the Baldons website and village emails. 

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