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   Wildlife Gardens For Our Mental Health    14 June, 2016

When a downturn comes in any of our lives, be it in work, home life, health etc, then that’s when mother nature steps forward with her helping hands. We in return need to take a step toward her, being receptive to her often ‘free’ assistance.


We need to start seeing and not just looking, we need to start hearing and not just listening, we need to start feeling and not just touching, we need to start smelling and not just sniffing, and we need to start tasting and not just eat.


Sounds simple eh! If we succeed in all this then we soon start to see the bigger picture that our lives are more than getting the next report completed at work, getting the next mortgage payment made, or popping the next pill in an attempt to keep that virus under control.


Achieve that and we ourselves feel like we have some semblance of control back.


Connections to green space around us has been associated with lower levels of stress and reduced symptoms for depression and anxiety, while interacting with nature can improve clear thinking for children with attention deficits and individuals with depression.


My aim with this article is to keep it short this time and to get you away from reading for a while, filling your mind with more thoughts. My aim is to get you outside for a which, in amongst nature. Be it out in your wildlife garden, in your local park, the beautifully landscaped gardens around the business park where you work. In fact anywhere.


Nature gets everywhere, as I’ve said before; we need to learn to start appreciating it in as many ways as is possible. 


Stuart Mabbutt

Wildlife Gardening Specialist

01865 747243

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