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   Neighbourhood Plan    5 March, 2016


Neighbourhood Planning The Neighbourhood Plan is important because it will give residents a say on future development in the Baldons. The Parish Council shares the view that people will want to take the opportunity to influence the future of the place where they live or work and that the Plan for the Parish should be written by the Parish rather than by Planning Officers.

Approach to this consultation

As a result of the very positive support for the proposal for a Baldons Neighbourhood Plan in November, the Parish Council has set up a working group comprising Elizabeth Gillespie, Stephen Dance and Laurence Attewill to prepare the Plan, supported and advised by a fifteen strong Advisory Group of all those who indicated in their responses a willingness to help. Thus an application has been made to the SODC for approval of the Plan area, which is shown at the end of this paper. The Baldons Neighbourhood Plan will be finished in 2017 and will have a currency of 10 years, that is until 2027

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