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   Air Crash Memorial Service    5 July, 2015

At 12 noon a Hercules flew over the crash site, and at 2pm the RAF Falcons came over from Silverstone and performed a fabulous low drop display, landing just in time to avoid a brief rainstorm! The Sea King helicopter that the Falcons jumped from then landed on the Green.

It was a truly special occasion, and enough thanks cannot be expressed to all those that helped make it so. To those who cleaned and decorated and de-cobwebbed the church, mowed and strimmed the churchyard, prepared sound systems, put up marquees, took them down, made sandwiches and cakes, prepared and then tidied away the village hall, marshalled car parking, made tea, made coffee, washed mugs and plates, dried them, then washed them again (twice..), thank you all. It was a wonderful village commemorative occasion.


Photos: Terry Trinder, Chris Nichols, Laura Cifton


Many thanks to all the residents of The Baldons  ... It has been so wonderful...

And we as a family so appreciate all you have done and continue to do.

I feel you are a big family.... And that I have found a new one.

Laura Cifton

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