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   Defibrillator Update    23 August, 2017

The defibrillator is now installed.

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The Grenoble Road Development is still a threat

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   Grenoble Road and Protection of The Green Belt    10 December, 2016

Protection of The Green Belt is still a live issue

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   Clifton Hampden Surgery Patient Participation Group    1 December, 2016

An update

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   Neighbourhood Plan    1 September, 2016

The plan is now public. 

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   Baldon Feast    29 July, 2016

Cakes and Bottles for Baldon Feast

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   Wildlife Gardens For Our Mental Health    14 June, 2016

Nature gets everywhere; we need to learn to start appreciating it in as many ways as is possible.

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   Alfie Hay    11 June, 2016

Do you remember Alfie Hay's musicals?

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   Local Bus Service to cease    26 March, 2016

Subsidised Bus services

Oxfordshire County Council have confirmed that in order to implement the previously announced  savings targets, they have agreed to withdraw all rural bus service subsidies from 20th July. 

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   Mobile Library Service Change of Day     26 March, 2016

We have been informed by Oxfordshire County Council that due to reorganisation the Mobile Library will visit the village on a Wednesday from 14.00 -14 30hrs from Week commencing11th April.  

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   Neighbourhood Plan    5 March, 2016

Everybody is invited to participate in this vital project


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   Calais Refugees    30 September, 2015

You have probably seen the dreadful images of thousands of refugees. These people have lost everything: their homes, their possessions, often their families. They need our help. 

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   Air Crash Memorial Service    5 July, 2015

The 50th memorial of the Baldons’ Air Crash was held on 5th July. A record number of people attended the service, some from as far away as Perth and Auckland. We think we had around 300 people at the service

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   New Baldons Parish Council website launched    16 January, 2015

The new Baldons Parish Council website has been launched.

The new website includes lots of information about the Parish Council and the local area. Read on to find out more...

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