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The Baldons Parish Council serves the villages of Marsh, Toot and Little Baldon in Oxfordshire.
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New Deli in Nuneham!

See News Section for details




Update (17 September 2020): 

Current situation.  As widely predicted we appear to be entering a second wave of covid. Oxford City is now on amber alert. Who knows what the coming weeks and months will bring in terms of further restrictions?  Those in vulnerable categories may already be self-isolating again

Can we help? As mentioned in previous emails, we are still here and willing to help with shopping, prescriptions or anything else.  If you need anything either reply to this email, or contact one of the coordinators whose details are at the bottom of this email.

Can you help?  We would also like to ask for more volunteers.  The more we have on our books the easier it is for everyone.  Volunteering primarily means helping with shopping or picking up prescriptions.  One particular need is the Saturday newspaper round, as this was much appreciated over the summer.

Let us know.

Baldons & Nuneham Community Action Group


Previous Update:

This is a crisis time for the community. A good source of up to date information from the Government is here.

We need to support each other in the Baldons through this unusual period.  

We need to identify those who might need help in the Baldons: people in self isolation because they have or have been exposed to the virus and those in isolation because they may be vulnerable to coronavirus.  

We also need to identify a list of volunteers and how they might help.  The most important skill is a willingness to help and a can do attitude.

To this end, we would like to create a more accurate database of who is in the village, including contact details and age.  We also want to know if you are willing to help and how.  In parallel we are looking into the GDPR aspects of this, but you can be reassured we will not be misusing your data.  If you wish to take part in this exercise, please email: 

More information about the local group is here
Update (24 March 2020) is here
Parish Council update (1 April 2020) is here
An update on Waste arrangements is here




The Mole Inn 

The Mole Inn is open with new arrangements. Details here.



Peter Day

We are sad to announce that Prof Peter Day, a much-loved local resident, died on 19th May. He had a distinguished career as an inorganic chemist and his many honours included being Director of the Royal Institution. Obituary here. He will be greatly missed by his family and many friends. RIP.



New Solar Farm Proposed At Nineveh Farm

This is a significant proposal which is likely to impact on the village. See here for details of the proposal, and here for the Parish Council's Response.


Full details from the developers: 


Although the consultation period ended on 29th May, you can still contact the developers to make your views known


Recycling Centres open again for essential items

See here for details



Baldons and Nuneham Courtenay Facebook Community Group

This Community group has now been set up. It is a closed group. Local people can apply to join by following this link: 


This is a useful resource for those who want to communicate with neighbours to offer or request help at these difficult times.



Pandemic Scammers

Beware! Here is a warning from the County Council about unscrupulous people who are taking advantage of the pandemic to swindle the public.


Painted Stones Around The Villages

Seen them? More here


Cockadoo Closure

Sadly our beloved local pub/restaurant, the Cockadoo at Nuneham Courtenay, has been forced to close. The statement from the management can be read here:


The two local pubs in the Baldons, the Seven Stars and the Mole, remain in business, though they are subject to national requirements on pub opening arising from the coronavirus outbreak. Details are on the websites:





Seven Stars Take-out service and shop

We have added new takeaway menus and changed the current ones, For details click here

We are offering a convenience store for: eggs, bread, milk and other commodities. Details here.

There will be limited opening, initially outdoor only, starting soon. Details from the Website.

The Team thank you & the village for all your continued support at this hard time


Seven Stars, The Green, Marsh Baldon, Oxford, OX44 9LP

Tel: 01865 343337

Email: info@sevenstarsonthegreen.co.uk

Website: www.sevenstarsonthegreen.co.uk





Baldons waste Collections

Details here



Local Plan

There is a revised SODC Local Plan with huge implications for this community and this is now at the Examination Stage, following a recommendation by the Inspector that it be accepted. Comments may still be submitted until 2 November, see here for the latest information.



Gravel Extraction

There has been a proposal from Oxford County Council to develop a large gravel extraction site north of Nuneham Courtenay, between the A4074 and the Thames. This has been opposed in the strongest terms by the local community and by the Brahma Kumaris, who will be greatly impacted. The consultation period ended on 14 March but is is still no harm to let your views be known.
The current position is that the proposal has been placed on hold as economically unviable. We hope that remains the case.
Details are on the Brahma Kumaris website: https://www.globalretreatcentre.org/gravel/
If you want to write directly to the local government office, please do so, and reference site SG42 in an email to mineralsandwasteplanconsultation@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Or you can do so online at: 


Proposed Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

This has become a huge issue locally.

Latest Update (26 Nov 2019):

In advance of next month's general election, last week the Expressway Action Group (EAG) conducted a survey of all 27 prospective parliamentary candidates in Oxfordshire asking them whether they support or oppose the proposed Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.

Of the 20 that responded or indicated a position, from the Conservative, Lib Dem, Labour, Independent, Green, Brexit and other parties not one supported the scheme.  All were against, reflecting the county-wide opposition to the scheme.

Full details and comments from all candidates can be seen at www.expresswayactiongroup.com.  

The general consensus in detailed responses was that the investment would be better spent on improving the rail infrastructure and sorting out A34 congestion as this would cause least harm to the environment and reduce travel times.

The Previous Update (24 July 2019) can be accessed here.

The Expressway Action Group now has has in excess of 35 parishes involved including the Baldons Parish Council  The steering group lead by Peter Rutt has  Elizabeth Gillespie,  Dawn McGiveron and John Clark as members  and the group is a stakeholder  representing the various villages and providing information to support the evaluation of the route option  The group are not opposing the road in principle but by providing information on biodiversity and ecology and the views of local communities aim to help  Highways England  make the best possible evaluation of the scheme taking account of practicalities, problems and costs. We still hope to provide enough information to ensure that the recommended route goes north and west of Oxford. For full details see here.

Follow this link to see a Google map of the proposed corridor. You can zoom in and out to get a better idea.  At the moment maps from Highways England are poor and we are chasing them for more accurate boundaries.

You can find Highways England's detailed "reasoning" for their choice here.  There is a summary booklet here.

The Expressway and its 1 million new houses is therefore going ahead - and where the road is placed will determine the housing developments. 

The plan is to accommodate 300,000 more homes in Oxfordshire and ~900,000 more residents. This is double the existing number of houses and will, needless to say, profoundly change the nature of the county, never mind our immediate environment.

Highways England will now start a 12 month program of on-the-ground studies of potential routes within the corridor, and by Autumn 2019 they will be ready with a shortlist of 5 or 6 ‘best options’ routes which they will take into a Public Consultation.

This will be via a series of open meetings across the area where residents, businesses and environmental groups can express opinion on each route option, point out errors and omissions and generally participate / feed back to the Highways team.  Our understanding is that the Consultation will be led by Highways’ routes team rather than via our local Councils.

We believe that one of the key deciders in final route selection will be the relative environmental and wildlife harm each route would cause - and during the 12 months that Highways are studying the two branches of the corridor for routes, they have said they will be looking not just at the ‘known’ wildlife reserves like Otmoor and the SSSI’s but also at unlisted sites with rare and special wildlife and habitat. We can help with this!

Highways have told us that all the wildlife / heritage and environmental data you all supplied to them via EAG’s portal has been added to their maps, and will influence the routes: but this extra 12 month field study gives all EAG member parishes and communities a new ‘window’ to send in more and better wildlife and other data to the Highways technical teams, so they know where to look for special sites and high-risk areas. 

The earlier we can get this to them the better: Waterstock has been gathering wildlife evidence in their wetlands and river areas using static wildlife ‘trail’ cameras, and in Cuddesdon we’re doing the same, using low-cost cameras we found on Amazon for less than £60...   Why not ask your local wildlife people where the best spots are, and join in? Let us know if you can help, and we’ll co-ordinate and submit to Highways’ team as before.

The Parish Council will be sending out further information in due course.

The Expressway action group (EAG) are seeking more information from the Highways about the route planning to give a better idea of those communities likely to be most affected by the options and those less so.

It is also likely that villages will have to undertake substantial fundraising and campaigning in preparation for and the during the consultation period in 2019.

Dawn McGiveron and John Clark are on the committee of the Expressway Action Group. 


The Baldons Neighbourhood Plan 

The Neighbourhood Plan is important because it will give residents a say on future development in the Baldons. The Parish Council shares the view that people will want to take the opportunity to influence the future of the place where they live or work and that the Plan for the Parish should be written by the Parish rather than by Planning Officers.

Latest update here

For full details read here

Please contact us on: baldonsplan@gmail.com.


The Baldons Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result


The Baldons neighbourhood plan received an overwhelming majority ‘YES’ vote at referendum on the 4th October 2018. The official results are:

Electorate eligible to vote: 320

Votes Cast: 154 or 48.1%

Votes Yes:   140

Votes No:    14

Details have been posted on the SODC website



Reports will now go to members of the Cabinet and then Council to formally adopt the plan.





Click here to see an archive of parish newsletters



Teenagers for tennis?

I would like to guage interest in the idea of a simple youth tennis tournament as a way of the under 18s in the area to meet one another in a fun way.  
If enough people are interested to get critical mass, we can start to think about date, courts and format.
Please send me an email at domnewland@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested in hearing more or getting involved.
Dom Newland 


Baldon Runners

The Runners hope to be out and about 
again soon, at 8 am on Saturdays


Click here for details





South Oxfordshire Local Plan

The Council which was elected in May 2019 has decided not to adopt the Plan developed by the previous Council. This decision has been overruled by The Secretary of State for Housing, Robert Jenrick. SODC is challenging this decision. Watch this space.


Defibrillator on the Village Green

Now installed. See News, click here.











Grenoble Road and the Green Belt

There is still a threat to the Green Belt. Details here



Upcoming events

See bottom of page


Fast broadband

This is now live in most parts of the villages. Contact your internet provider or look on www.superfast-openreach.co.uk/where-and-when for details.



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